Meet the Team






Creative Director, visual designer and brand & trend developer 

Denying is pointless, she is a millennial... Went to the School for Liberal Art & the Art Academy, makes hand-drawn illustrations and is secretly as agile as an acrobat. Feels at home with both slums and stars, dreams of a fairer world and a career in art. Famous quote: "Brains are the new Tits". Too creative for 9 to 5.



Online Marketeer & digital artist

His creations like ‘suit up silverback’ are typical men art, but in real life he is not afraid to wear pastel shorts & shirts. He also loves pink flamingos (viva la ‘80s, go Miami Vice!). Long ago he dreamed of a flashy career as a fashion photographer in NYC, but he now knows and lives his level as "nice IPhone photographer from Amsterdam". That’s why he became an awesome online marketing guy. Goes to Italy every summer for fresco’s, tartufo, brunello and pizza.



Visual story teller & nerd art fan man

Likes all colors, as long as it is black and white. Likes to play video games and guitar and sings surprisingly well in the shower. His best ideas emerge in the garden, when holding a glass of 'Macallan 12 yo Fine Oak whiskey' in his hand. Digs Nerd & Comic Art. Exceptionally good at swimming in water without getting his hair wet. Only kisses with his eyes closed.